NEW Regulated 24V Driver to run new 24V LED Panels, fits onto the side of any of our 30V

Lighting batteries and for extended run time can accept up to 2 batteries at a time and be

“hot swapped” without breaking output power.  Robust rugged and reliable.




The DC Dirver has two protected battery inputs and one 24V DC output.


 The output and input sockets have a unique LED indication in the sockets, showing their status clearly.  The unit also has an easy to read LCD display which show the battery status as well as the output power of the light.


 Batteries can be hot swapped without interrupting the the output, this feature allows for very extended runtimes.


 The maximum outlet power is 500 watts and the  DC voltage input range is 26 - 40V and the efficiency is >93%.


The DC Driver has no fan,so it is completely silent. It is housed in a robust housing.


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